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Winter is here and the real estate market has slowed down some, but there are still properties being listed and sold every day. The number of homes for sale in Southern New Hampshire is still lower than the number of buyers looking for new homes. Residential sales prices have decreased slightly in the last few months due to increased interest rates, normal seasonal adjustments and continued low inventories of homes for sale.  However, there are already signs that inventory will increase again in 2019.

According to the NH Association of Realtors, market stats for December 2018 are in and are as follows:  

  • New listings went down 1.9% to 712 for Single Family Homes (SFH) and went down .5% to 207 for Condos & Townhomes (TH).

  • Pending sales went up 2.3% to 919 for SFH's and went down 2.8% to 244 for Condos & TH's.  

  • The Median Sales Price went down 1.7% to $267,400 for SFH's and went up 7.9% to $205,000 for Condos & TH's.

  • Days on Market went up to 66 days for SFH's and went up to 56 days for Condos and TH's. 

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